Monday, April 29, 2013

Gunjara School

When I first saw the Gunjara village school two years ago it was in terrible condition with a roof that was full of  holes.  The children could not go to school when it rained as it was so bad.
Gunjara School

Desks provided by NEF

Carol and Me with the wonderful women of Gunjara
The desks were non exsistant or the few that they had were falling apart.  NEF provided some new desks and I took our Qatar sponsors there to have a look.  They immediately decided to take on the project to replace the roof.  This was completed last year only to have one of the walls crumble and fall down.  The construction of the roof was too much for the old walls.  Carol and Keith and their friends then paid to have the wall re-constructed and for the school to be painted.  When we all visited in March we were very happy to see the newly renovated school.  It is a huge improvement over what was there before.
The villagers are very happy.  Jeff hosted a dental clinic there also that day and he was so impressed at the good condition of the children's teeth and said that it was the result of having no sugar.  The village is remote and poor with no store, so no candy.  In the villages closer to town the children had lots of cavities because they had more sugar in their diets.  


Anonymous said...

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