Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Return to Nepal

Bob and I are returning to Nepal via Hong Kong on October 19th. This is a short trip and we will be gone for one month. I can take letters and small things if anyone wishes. You will need to get these to me in the next couple of weeks.
All the children are doing well, they are all being monitered regularly. We only have one with a medical problem at present and he is Sushant our little blind student. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure last week and has seen a doctor and is now on medication.
I will not be able to see all the children on this short visit but I will visit those that I can and I will visit many schools.
I will be going to the Chimkhola village school to see how the upgrades are progressing. We are at present working with the Daybreak Rotary Club in Duncan who are going to help us with this project. This is great news and will make a huge difference to the villagers of Chimkhola. This school has 400 students from three villages and is the only school that goes to class 10 in this mountain region.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Garage Sale

We had our third garage sale of the season on September 6th and did very well making $980 with a couple of items still to sell. It was a fun and enjoyable day and very profitable. Again many many thanks for all the items donated, thanks to Ray for letting us hold it at his store again and to those that helped, Sue, Alice, Monica and Barbara. You all made it happen successfully.
This money will help the schools and college students who are increasing in numbers with extra expenses and many other things as well. It is very reassuring to have some money put aside for medical expenses also and now I do not have to worry about that so much.
Fundraising is always ongoing and we will do this all over again next year so if you have any stuff in the meantime just give me a call and we will pick it up and store it somewhere in the back of the garage or wherever I can.


Just a reminder that we are having a presentation on Wednesday the 17th at 7pm. That is this Wednesday at the:

Maple Bay Rowing Club in Maple Bay.

Directions: Follow Trunck Rd to Maple Bay Rd and come all the way down to the Ocean. When you get to the bottom of the Maple Bay hill at the water turn left and the Rowing Club is just a short distance on your right at the boat launch. Plenty of parking there too. If anyone needs to phone for further info the number is 250-746-8936. Maple Bay is about 6 miles from the TCH and the Duncan Mall.
Hope to see you there.