Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garage Sale Success

Yesterday we had our biggest garage sale ever. It was held in a church hall in Duncan and we had a huge amount of stuff. It was almost overwhelming but thanks to 24 volunteers, all sponsors, it was organized quickly and by 8 pm Friday everything was in place. For the sale on Saturday we had many shoppers all day long and again the volunteers had the place cleaned up and everything taken away in short amount of time. It was an enjoyable day for us, although very busy, sponsors got to meet each other and I met some that I had not met previously.
It was very profitable and we netted $3.021.00 with a couple of bigger items still to sell.
This is our biggest sale yet. I was so thankful for all the help. This money keeps us running in Nepal for a year. It will pay for the administration costs that we do not take from sponsor or donor money. Thanks to all who helped and for all the donations of items that made this sale a success.
The photos tell the story of the huge amount of items we had. Two adopted Nepali little girls, Ali and Maya, who had a great time playing dress up with all the clothes and playing with all the toys.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The garage sale is this Saturday the 30th from 8 am till 2 pm at the



THANK YOU to all the many people who have volunteered to help, we really need you and it is so much appreciated.

There is something for everyone and also a bake table, Nepali crafts and we will be selling coffee and tea.

Let us hope for a successful sale which will benefit NEF in many ways.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Literacy Program Success

Photos of both literacy programs. I have been hearing from Mann regarding the literacy programs and they are both doing very well. We have 25 women in the Pokhara one and 15 in Kathmandu.
The Pokhara ladies are complaining that the class is not long enough and so we are extending it from one and a half hours to two hours. They can now write and sign their names and can do simple arithmetic. These are great projects for us and hopefully we can raise enough money to continue and expand them. The demand is high. These ladies can be sponsored at $10 per month for a period of six months. Although hopefully they will continue after that.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back Home

I am now back at home recovering from jet lag. This week I will start to send out all the photos, letters etc. to sponsors. Please be patient as it will take me a long time. I will do some each day starting with the new sponsors and children. Also some letters are being mailed from Nepal as we did not get them all picked up in time.
NEF has a new mailing address in Nepal for those who wish to send letters. It is:

Nepal Education Fund
Everest Postal Care P. Ltd.
GPO Box 8975
EPC 1886
Lalitpur, Kathmandu

A reminder that our garage sale is on May 30th. I have to start thinking about that now as we need the funds for all the extras in running a charity. Fortunately we keep our costs as low as possible. I will put up some more photos in the next couple of days.
Mann emailed this morning that he had visited our women's literacy program in Kathmandu and there were 12 women there but another 3 are joining for a total of 15. He said they were all enthusiastic and that it was a very good program. So now we have a total of 40 women in total between the two programs in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Emotional Goodbye

My staff and friends gave me a wonderful send off last night from Kathmandu. I am in Hong Kong writing this. So many keta scarves and flower malas that I was weighted down by them. Everyone gathered at our office and three of our newly sponsored children came with their mother also. So many letters to be delivered to sponsors and still more to be picked up and will have to be mailed. The situation of the last few days prevented us getting to some areas and it is a monumental job as it is to get to all families. I left with Mann in a taxi with two motorbikes following with Jagat, Kamal and Manjit. It was hard to hold back the tears.
Our heartfelt thanks to these guys for running our charity in Nepal. They do a great job under adversity and take great care of me. Mann and Jagat work tirelessly, they were gone by 6 am yesterday to pick up letters. Manjit helps Mann with government paperwork etc. Maniraj helps in this regard also, Rajindra in Hattiban and Ram in Baluju and with much advice and Kamal for his friendship and being there when I need him. I must not forget Sima who cooked great meals for me everyday and shared so much of herself with me and Puspa, Jagat's wife, for cups of tea at the end of tiring days.
You all are so much appreciated and I think you know by now that this charity would not be possible without you. You have helped to change so many of your fellow Nepalis lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Day in Nepal

Tomorrow night I start my journey home via Hong Kong. This has been one of the best trips to Nepal maybe the best of all. Although there have been some frustrations there has been many wonderful events and heartfelt moments. The women's literacy programs, one in Pokhara and now one in Kathmandu have been the highlight, the joy in these women has been so satisfying. The many children who are doing so well. Living here with Mann and Sima has been special, so many conversations about culture and the lack of women's rights has been a great insight. My daily language lessons with an enlightened teacher has taught me how to have basic conversations in Nepali and I have learned some basic writing. He also has taught me a lot of Nepali culture and history. Yesterday I had lunch with him and his family and they cooked me a delicious meal. Living without much water or electric, no showers has taught me how lucky I am. Most all to live in a peaceful, stable country is the luckiest thing of all. Here, in Nepal, people never know what the next day will bring. As I prepare to leave Nepal is in turmoil with a possible coup at anytime. Yesterday I was in Kathmandu when a friend told me to immediately go home. But by that time there were huge demonstrations, buses stopped, fires on the road. Kamal was nearby and came and met me and we started the long two walk home but after walking through a huge demonstration we found one of the last buses and got home.
This morning we went by motorbike to the village of Hattiben where the school had a ceremony for me. We were unsure whether to go because of the situation but took the chance. It was a simple event with much beauty as the little children presented me with flowers, a cloth and picture. Two of the older children Asmita and Sanu came and shook my hand with their faces full of gratitude. We have 12 children sponsored here. My heart was full of emotion for their love and also of sadness as I do not know what their future holds but I feel it is bleak as the peace process unravals. The people I love here, my Nepali family of Mann and Sima, Jagat and Puspa, Kamal etc and all our children, I hope and pray that the coming days somehow remain peaceful. Hopefully I will visit again soon. Thank you to all sponsors and donors for making the success here possible and offering hope, the most precious gift of all, to your Nepal families and children.