Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dwight School Interact Club Donation

Today I was presented with a cheque for NEF from the Interact Club at Dwight International School Canada.  It was the graduation ceremony for the grade 12 graduates.  This group of young people in the Interact Club raised $3000 for a poor school in Nepal and will provide the school with a basic library and science lab.  The school has 250 children from nursery to class 8 and does not have any facilities for a science program and no books.  The science teacher is teaching science to 8 classes with no practical equipment.  The school has a storage room which is being divided and made into a science lab and a library with a partition down the middle.  The school has an all female teaching contingent and Principal, a rarity in Nepal.  The students and teachers are very excited about this donation and the opportunity to have this facility.  I am so touched that the students from Dwight reached out to help the students in this school in Nakhipot, Nepal.  Young people helping other young people half a world away, what could be better.
Many, many thanks Interact Club, you touched my heart and gave the students of Mahalaxmi School a facility that will give them a better education.  Very well done!!  I will post photos of the completed project as soon as it is finished.

The Presentation with members of the Interact Club
The students at Mahalaxmi School

The proposed science lab and library

Mahalaxmi School

The Staff and Principal in pink

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Umesh a Lot Better

Umesh has had his check up at the hospital and the doctor says he is 80% better.  He will have to be careful with what he eats, he needs plenty of vegetable and fibre.  He is back at school and very keen to pick up where he left off and make up for the time he has lost.


Puspa has been sponsored by NEF for about nine years.  She has just graduated as a teacher and has a teaching position at a private school.  Her family lost their home and all their belongings in a landslide in their mountain village about ten years ago.  NEF helped by sponsoring Puspa, her sister Priska and brother Rubin to go to school.
Puspa is our first student to become a teacher and we are very proud of her.  Her sponsor lives in Costa Rica and she said this:
I can't even tell you how this whole beautiful happy thing makes me feel, to have been lucky enough to be able to help her (with so little money), and that help making such a huge difference in her life. What a gift to me. All thanks to NEF.
Hopefully Puspa is the first of many to graduate to a profession, we hope so. 
Puspa now

Puspa as a Student

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Umesh Has Had His Surgery

Umesh had his surgery last weekend and he spent one night in the hospital and was then sent home.  He has to come back in one week for a check up and hopefully he will be recovered and pain free.
He is anxious to get back to school.  We managed to get the surgery a little cheaper so there was money left for some extra vegetables and fruit and transportation for him by taxi home from the hospital.  He lives a long way from the hospital.  He also asked for some extra school books and I think there will be some money left for those.
We are so grateful to the two donors who paid for this.  It will make a huge difference to Umesh's life.
Thank you.

Umesh with the doctor just before the surgery.