Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sponsors Connecting with Children

This message forwarded from Susan is very gratifying. The word spreads and love pours in. If you are interested in helping out go to

Dear Susan,

This is Darien, Arthur and Adrienne's daughter. As you know I'm in Nepal at the moment and have been treated to the exceptional Nepali hospitality of Jagat and Kamal. Words cannot describe what I have felt being here with both of them and seeing the work that you do.

I've met with the family that Mum and Dad help, as well as your family and the children at Kamal's. It's truely wonderful to see so much 'Good' happening here. Today Kamal, Jagat and I went shopping and bought supplies and food for the family. It seems like such a small gesture, but I know that any little bit helps.

I have been telling my friends and family about your organization and today I got an email from my friends in London who said that they are transferring 50 GBP into my account to give to you and Kamal. I'm very excited and can't wait to tell him. That's almost 7000 rupees.

Susan, I know that there are more people that would like to help. I would really like to do more, especially after I leave Nepal (which is in less than a week). My situation is: I am heading back to London the beginning of January and then will be going home to Canada for about 3 weeks. Then I am travelling through Africa on my way to Australia. My partner lives in Australia and the plan is to make that home for the next little while. I will be settling there around the end of March. I hope to come back to Nepal later next year, but it will depend on jobs and savings :)

Do you have any suggestions for what I can do from Australia? ie. information nights, presentations, brochures, etc. Whatever you think, I would be most happy to hear.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Christmas.

Yours sincerely,


Monday, December 18, 2006

Beard Growing Contest in Bristol for Charity

Just to let you all know that the boys in Bristol were amazing. Yesterday,their beard growing netted close to 1000 pounds. And all this from people I do not even know. I met them all at a pub party and over the dinner and music, I had to try and find out what they whould like to do with the money. They decided on a private school education for a child which they are committed to seeing through to college or university. They were all young, sincere and totally committed to the project. They loved the whole concept of the program. I was totally amazed and touched by the whole event. My friend Alex bought old trophies from charity shops and had them remounted for the beard growing contest. Alex was wonderful and gave me a really good weekend showing me Bristol. It is a time I will never forget. Sometimes I sit back and think..... is this all really happening? Unfortunately I did not bring the wire to download photos maybe I will have Nishal bring it out.
I am now in Cambridge with my good friends there. I feel very fortunate indeed to have met all these good people.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Journey Duncan to Nepal Dec 06

11 December 06 - Trip to England

Just to say that I got to England okay but what a job it was. Loaded down with about 80lbs of luggage was more than I could really manage. Trying to get across Victoria station and onto the train was a major challenge and then to top it off the trains were not running to my mother's place, so had to get off at one point and take a bus. Finally got here but my body is stiff and sore today but at least all the kids gifts are with me. I kept telling people that all this luggage was not really mine but for the kids in Nepal as they were looking at me as if I was crazy. Knapsack back and front and a big bag as well. Weather is mild but rainy and now I am going to rest for a few days. My mother is very well. Computer here in the library is terribly slow.Will keep in touch......Susan

12 December 06 - In England

Nameste All.
I phoned my friend Alex last night who has been having the beard contest for me. I am going there this weekend and he says the contest went very well. They are all taking me out to lunch on Sunday when they will present me with the money. He did not tell how much wants to surprise me. Amazing all from people I do not know except for Alex who I met in the mountains. I am really looking forward to it. My muscles are still stiff and sore from the luggage but should recovery before I take on another journey. Weather good.Love to all from England.....Susan

14 December 06 - Visiting in England

Hello Everyone,
My body is feeling some better but still a bit stiff. Went for a run yesterday 36 mins which I thought was enough as jet lag still apparent. Ran down here to the library this morning to get here early to get a computer. It seems a bit faster at this time also. Weather is windy and overcast but very mild 12 today. Tomorow I travel to Bristol which will take most of the day. My friend Alex will pick me up at the station. He says he has lots of people waiting to meet me and knowing Alex it will be a fun filled weekend and I will have to watch that I do not drink too much. Supposed to go onto Cambridge on Monday but so far I cannot get in touch with my friend. I forgot her phone number and it is unlisted. Finally I wrote her a letter yesterday by mail and I will see if I hear from her if not I will be back here at my mothers on Monday.Have being doing some sewing for the babies at the orphanage and reading and resting. Very nice.