Friday, February 19, 2010

Leaving for Nepal in one week

It is just a week now until I leave for Nepal on the 26th. Thank you to everyone for your payments, for new sponsors and sponsors who have taken on another child, for donations and for all the gifts and letters to your children. It has been great.
The Rotary members travelling to Nepal a few days after me are very, very excited. They are all carrying a bag for NEF of shoes, clothes etc. We really appreciate this. We will be able to take things to the village and have lots of clothes and shoes for all NEF children. We all go up to Chimkhola on the 8th of March with the Pokhara Rotary Club members. There will be over 20 of us visiting the village. The villagers are very excited. I know it will be an unforgetable experience for all concerned.
I will write about it on this blog as soon as I get back down to Pokhara after the trek. I will also strive to keep the blog updated as often as I can while in Nepal. Electric as per usual is in short supply.
So All new sponsors will be matched with their child or woman while I am there but I may not be able to update you with the information until I return at the end of April.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank You

I have had a good response to the email that I sent out last week regarding lost sponsors and lack of fees and I just want to thank everyone that responded. We will be okay now with even maybe some extras.
We are still needing some children's clothes etc to take to Nepal and I have been going to every charity shop around especially on their so much a bag days. I seem to have clothes and shoes everywhere but still have lots of room.
I am looking forward to my upcoming visit to Nepal which is just over three weeks away. Remember please that letters and gifts must be delivered by the 20th.

Thank you everyone for your support, we are hoping to be able to do more good work in Nepal on this trip in the way of Women's Literacy and sewing projects.