Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Nani in October 08. This photo shows Nani doing what he did best, loving children.
Nani passed away Spetember 13th, 2010

Marathon Training Nearly Finished

The marathon is in two weeks time on October 10th. Thank you to all who have sponsored me. I have trained well and did my last long run in England while visiting my mother. I ran along the cliffs of the south coast which was very inspiring. This marathon is a special event for me as it raising money for NEF and now Nani, who died in Nepal two weeks ago, will be very much in my thoughts. A year ago I ran a half marathon at the time my dog Chilko was dying and I ran it for him as he had been my running partner for many years. This year I will run the marathon for NEF and all it stands for and of course in remembrance of dear Nani. His loss is great. A young man who would have spent his life in service to underprivileged children is now gone at only 25 years old with so much more to give.
I will post his photo here soon. I have just returned home. Mann also will send some photos soon when life is a little more normal for him.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sad News

Mann, who is President of NEF, very sadly lost his brother this week. Nani was just 25 years old and died of Meningitis C after being sick just two days. I loved Nani very much and he was very much a part of my life in Nepal. He organized our big picnic two years ago and did a great job. He was so full of energy and dedicated his young life to helping poor children. He looked after 14 homeless children on his own in a small home. He worked tirelessly and always came to visit our office every morning when I was there. He accompanied myself and the Rotary up to the village of Chimkhola in the spring and helped with much of the organizing of this project. We will miss him so much and our hearts go out to his family who are devastated by their loss.