Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Trek into the Mountains

I have returned from a week in the mountains which has been wonderful in spite of bad weather, everything from snow, rain and hail. We did have some sun for a few days. A trip to Nepal does not seem complete without some time spent in the mountains as they are the essence of Nepal. The mountains, villages, animals and very friendly people are second to none. Long days of trekking is akin to meditation and clears the mind. I also trekked into a village where I visited a school six years ago. It was this school that gave me the inspiration to start the work that I am now doing. I wanted to see it again. I was happy to see that it was much improved from when I was last there. It seems every donation that they have had has been put to good use. They had made improvement all round and were continuing with such things as glass windows, science lab and a secondary school program since a little girl died while making the three hour walk back and forth to get higher education.

We also spent more time working in Pokhara. This is very rewarding. Great news to report. We were able to pay the medical debt of the lady who was so badly burned through a donation specified for this. It will be one of the highlights of the trip as the gratitude of the family and the organization where the money was owed was overwhelming. Now the family can get on with recovery.

I have left Bob in Pokhara for a couple of days as he is helping two grandmothers who have been left to look after their grandchildren. One lady was sleeping on the stone floor without even a mattress with her granddaugther. We have bought her a bed and mattress and now Bob is getting a bit more furniture for both of them. He wanted to do this as his donation. We also want to get some medical advice for a little boy who is crossed eyed so Bob will enquire about this.

I left half my heart in Pokhara and will leave the other half here when I leave next week. I have a lot left to do this week before I leave as there always seems to be things left to do and people to visit.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Holy Day in Nepal

Yesterday was Holy Day a festival which involves colour and water. Small bags of water with coloured dye in them are thrown from roof tops at people below. The water bags actually went on for two days before the festival. Yesterday though it was much worse and colour was also thrown and rubbed in your face and clothes. A lot of people just stay indoors. It is quite a sight to see. Kevin had fun having water fights with the kids at the shelter.

Today we bought a gas stove for the woman in the tiny room and she was really pleased with this. We were going to paint her room but she said if this happened she would be thrown out as then the landlord could re-rent it for more money. The walls and ceiling are black from the kerosene.

The Tamang family's mother has returned which is great news. We saw her there a couple of days ago. Tomorrow we are returning to Hattiban to see some children. Hope to go back to Pokhara on Wednesday although there are some rumblings about more strikes.

Friday, March 2, 2007

A day at the Zoo..... from Kamal

Kevin tooked zoo all the children the children was very happy. Projul also went us he don't want to keep that Madal at home . The children played many funny things and they looked many animals. Tomorrow is Festival colures. Festivel children will play each other with cloures and cloures water with balunes. Anyway see you all the best and have good luck. God bless to you. Here are pictures of children at Zoo with Kevin.