Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leaving for Nepal

I am leaving for Nepal on March 8th.  Less than two weeks away now.  Please get any letters to me before then so I can deliver them in Nepal for you.
As usual I will be visiting all the children that are sponsored through NEF.  Plus we will be running some dental camps.
Our donors from Qatar, Carol and Keith, will also be joining me for a week.
We are short some sponsors for this year as I am still waiting on some payments which may not come.  Hopefully we can work this out so that no children are disappointed.  Children get very attached to their sponsors.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sponsors Visit their Child

In January Heather and Stuart and son Nathan visited their sponsored child, Sunita, in Kathmandu, Nepal.  They have sponsored Sunita for about three years and made a special trip to Kathmandu to visit her.  Sunita is 13 years old and in class 6.  She has a large family living in two very small rooms and they have little income so life is a constant struggle.  There are nine in the family including her married brother and his wife.  I have been involved with this family since 2004 and there are three children left in school, Sunita being one of them.  This was a really big thrill for Sunita to be visited by her sponsors and she also spent a day sight seeing with them.  She never has the luxury of being taken out for the day so this is something she will not forget.  Her sponsors have made a big difference in her life as they pay for her to attend a private school.  Sunita started school late as her parents could not afford for her to attend school so she was 7 when she started.  Then unfortunately she lost her sponsors and we re-sponsored her with Stuart and Heather who have been so caring towards her.  It is a very good match and they have made her feel special.  Many thanks to them.