Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Successful Garage Sale

We had a great day on Saturday and made $890 which I was very surprised with as I thought that we did not have much stuff. It was steady all day helped by a very good article about NEF in the local paper. Itwas a very hot day and I got quite sunburnt but it was very enjoyable. A special thanks to Linda Milne and my daughter Wendy who helped all day and to Ray Scudder who let us use the front of his store to set up the sale. Thanks to all who helped and donated to both sales it is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow, Canada Day, my friend, Barbara and I are selling homemade dog biscuits and the dinner draw tickets at the celebrations.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fundraising Goes On

Walking on the beach last week one of my dog walking friends came up with the idea of making dog biscuits to sell at the Canada Day celebrations in Maple Bay. I really needed something else to do!!!!!!! We will be set up in a driveway right next to the celebration selling these treats and also the dinner draw tickets, which are going well, and Nepal handicraft items.
Also a reminder that I have another garage sale this weekend, the 28th, at Ray's Second Hand Furniture next to the Duncan Garage from 9am to 3pm. Still looking for more stuff for this if anyone still has anything left. I keep raiding my home and soon I will have to start buying it back.
There is suppose to be a little article in the News Leader this week about the garage sale. and NEF. Hopefully it is okay. I am really shy about publicity but if it helps I can stand it.
I am very excited with all this fundraising, it is a lot of work but is paying off literally and thank you to all who are contributing in different ways. Even buying a dinner draw ticket is a contribution which we really appreciate and believe me every bit helps. Just think of what $20 buys in Nepal. For instance: 2 sets of school uniform for a child. Books for a year or two volley balls for a school.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Progressive Dinner, A New Fundraiser

Monica came up with this idea about a year ago and she has been very keen to put it on. Monica and Anne are organizing this and it is as follows:

It is a progressive dinner for 6 people meaning that the winner can invite 5 people to enjoy a special evening of dining:

The dinner guests will be picked up and driven to the various locations, and returned home.
Appetizers will be served in one location, the main course(s) in another and dessert in another. Locations will be a surprise to the winner.
Portraits will be taken and given to the dinner guests at a later date. It is going to be a VERY special evening for the winner!
The date and final menu selection of the dinner will be decided on mutually between the chef, Joe Schuckel, and the winner. Ideally this would be between late August or September. Special diet requests and allergies can be taken care of.

Tickets are $20 each in books of 5. If anyone would like a ticket or would like to help us by selling a book please contact me.
I think this is going to be a great event and a way for the winner and his/her guests to enjoy a special evening all in aid of helping those so much less fortunate than ourselves, the children of Nepal.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Garage Sale Success

Monica doing a good job and little Ali wearing a pair of wings she found in the sale. Ali is our Nepali granddaughter. She was a big help in explaining the charity and at one point piped up and said to a customer "I was made in Nepal"

Well we had a great day, the weather was so good to us, volunteers superb, donations enormous, and we made a whopping $2,818.00. Still some more to come from some bigger things that I have advertised, fish rank, trampolene, windsurfer and a piece of art work. I cannot thank everyone enough. This really helps the charity and takes a lot of the worry out of running it.
The money will be used for different things including extra tutoring, helping kids go onto college (I have a few of them coming up in the next couple of years) and their sponsors may not want to cover this. We can also give some help to the two schools that we work with, they have many needs and this helps many children. Some will help with admin costs such as website hosting and office expenses unfortunately these things do have to be paid. Also we now have to pay an auditor in Nepal each year as we are now registered there. Also I am always paying extra money when I am there to kids that need different items or medical attention. We are considering starting a sewing project in Pokhara which we hope will be possible in the spring of 09.
So a huge thanks to all involved. It was sure worth the work.