Monday, January 25, 2010

Short on Funds, Looking for New Sponsors

Unfortunately we are short a lot of sponsors this year especially for the private school children. I only have two new private school sponsors and so far I have about ten sponsors who have not paid. Hopefully some will still but if it stays as it is now I will have to take the money out of general funds as I am very reluctant to take children out of the school they are attending as to most this would break their hearts.
I have enough new government school sponsors to cover the ones I have lost. This is a very worrying situation. New sponsors may pay with post dated cheques.
Other than this things are going very well. The Rotary members are excited about their trip to Nepal and they have all agreed to take one 50 pound bag each of clothes, shoes etc. If any local sponsors have good children's and shoes please let me know.
I leave for Nepal on February 26th and as usual will take letters and small gifts.
All children are doing well except for two who are sick.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone.

Today is the deadline for sponsorships payments and we are extending it to January 31st as there is still a lot outstanding. Please let me know if you do not wish to continue as I would much rather know now than be wondering at the end of the month what to do. I do not have any new sponsors this year so far. This means that if we lose sponsors the money will have to come out of general funds and we only have so much back up money. We cannot let the children down!! I have mentioned the post dated cheques and this still stands.
I was talking to Mann last night and everything is fine with all the women and children. We have had a few new sponsors for the women and this is great. They are still all continuing with great enthusiasm.
I leave for Nepal on February 26th when I will be visiting all schools, children and women.

Please contact me if there is any problem with payment.