Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family's Christmas Gift helps NEF

The children of this family, Alexis, Danaca, Jayda, Cayleand their mother Heather, all decided that instead of buying gifts this last Christmas that they would all make gifts for their family members.  The gifts included a hand made photo album, crossword puzzles and lavender bags.  With the money they saved by making their gifts they each made a donation to  NEF.  They chose which projects that their individual money went to.  These included library books, help with a school roof and school supplies.  The eldest daughter, Alexis, decided she wanted to give her money to help animals.  So I told her about the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre which helps street dogs in Kathmandu.  They also have a spay and neuter program to help cut down on unwanted puppies and this has saved thousands of dogs from being poisoned  in Kathmandu as this is how the city controlled the dog population.  They also treat dogs covered in mange and traffic accidents. 
So a big thank you to these generous young ladies and hats off to them for recognizing that there are children in the world so much less fortunate then themselves and to Alexis who showed compassion for the animals who live on the street in Kathmandu in a state of constant negelect.   

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Payments due by Jan. 31st.

I am sorry to be so late in updating this blog but I have been sick for some weeks with a flu and bronchitis.  I think I am better and then it returns again.  This week has been a bad one.  Hopefully I will get back to normal soon.
Thank you to everyone who has sent in payments it is very much appreciated.  For outstanding ones you have till the end of the month.
I return to Nepal on February 20th and would like all finances to be in order by then so I do not have to worry about it while away. 
Seven Rotarians are coming to join me in March and are making the trip to Chimkhola again.  Carol and Keith our donors from Qatar are also arriving in Nepal mid March and we have a sponsor and her daughter coming.  They will visit their sponsored student who is now in second year college and they have sponsored her for some years.  That will be an exciting meeting.  They also support a literacy lady who they will meet.  She will be delighted.  More on all of this later.