Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tihar Ceremony

We had a wonderful day with our Nepali family of Jagat, Mann & Kamal etc. etc. they made us part of the tikar ceremony and I am sitting writing this with three tikars on my forehead and two lovely marigold malas around my neck. It really was a lovely day and we took two Australian girls along too. We met them coming from the airport and they were happy to take part in Nepali culture something as tourists they would not otherwise have been able to do.
They now want to meet and sponsor a child.
Tomorrow morning we leave for Pokhara where I will meet with the Rotary Club and then trek to Chimkhola.

Some Photos of Children I have Visited

Here are some photos (bought a new cable). Chring in his new jacket and how pleased he was with it. Above right Ranjita who wrote the poem below. She is in a dance costume for Tihar. Left Uma who is one of our many success stories. She is doing so well now, many of you will remember the ups and downs of Uma. this photo shows how well and happy she is now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today and tomorrow is the festival of Tihar or Diwali and it is really quite unbelievable. The lights and flowers every where looks very wonderful and the singing and dancing is great also. the worst thing is the fire crackers which never seem to stop and they are thrown from buildings and across the street which is most dangerous.
I visited quite a few children today but some were not at home because of the holiday. I visited both tea shops and both are still doing well. I delivered more letters which are always well received. Yesterday we took one family, Auntie Dickie and Yangji, out for lunch which was a nice change for them. Aunty Dickie always makes us something when we visit so we thought it would be nice to treat her.
On Friday we leave for Pokhara and on Saturday we start our trek up to Chimkhola to see the school.
Tomorrow is a big celebration for Tihar which are spending with Jagat, Mann and Kamal and their families.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Kathmandu

Well we arrived here a couple of days ago and it is very chaotic because there is the Diwali or Tihar festival going on. Traffic is horrendous and so moving around is difficult. I have visited some of the children and am delivering letters and gifts. Everyone is fine and there appear to be no problems.
Mann's wife is having her baby in a couple of weeks. We are going to Pokhara on Friday and then up to the village of Chimkhola in the mountains.
I will update this blog as often as I can as time allows. I forgot to bring my cord for my camera and so downloading pictures is not possible.
Thursday is bitikar day when sisters honour their brothers and we will spend that day with Jagat, Mann and their families.
The luggage that we brought got here okay but only just as Hong Kong airport was not going to allow us to bring the extra bag that we had paid for in Vancouver. They did not really care that we had no where to leave it and after about an hour we found a lovely Chinese official who sorted it out for us and it arrived okay. We brought 330 pounds which is a feat in itself just moving it all around. All for the charity, clothes, shoes etc.
More later.

Friday, October 24, 2008

In Hong Kong

We are in Hong Kong for a few days and leave tomorrow for Kathmandu. Very hot and humid here. We have had a chance to get over our jet lag so will be fresh when we arrive in Nepal. Have been enjoying some time with a friend who I have not seen for 45 years and that is a long time. Will be updating the blog regularly once we are in Nepal.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daybreak Rotary Club Fundraiser

Last Friday Bob and I attended the Daybreak Rotary Club's Crabfest Fundraiser. This was a fundraiser for the Chimkhola school and a local charity. I do not know how much they raised yet but it certainly seemed like a very successful evening. Joe Simpson did a great job on the Chimkhola display board. Here is a photo of it with Joe, Bob and myself.

Our thanks go to the Rotary Club for the funds raised at this enjoyable evening.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poem from a Sponsored Child

This poem was sent to a sponsor and I think she speaks for all of the children in Nepal. I have copied it exactly as it was written. Please Read:

About Life

When I see others life,
I used to see only their happiness life
Again when I turn towards me,
I used to be sad coz there's no any free

All others rejoying prosperous life,
But why I only have sad and nervous life,
Why I should always make fall my tear,
Though there's no any one to care

Why I can't enjoy their life,
Though I am also some child
I know that in my life there is no any happiness
Except my life is full of pain
Why I was born in this crude world

Though I don't have any one to hold
All of the people are curring my life
Though I have'nt done any mistake

Thank You Ranjita

I am leaving in a few days so there is still time to get a letter to me (if you live locally) for your child to let them know that you care.
When I am in Nepal I will update the blog regularly except when I am in the mountains so please check. I arrive in Nepal on October 26th after a few days in Hong Kong.