Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Children have Accidents

Last week when Mann was in Pokhara and went to monitor our families there he found that two children had been hurt.  Sabita, who is sponsored through NEF, had a broken arm that her mother could not afford to have treated.  Two days previously she had injured it and it was sore and swollen.  Mann gave her the money to take Sabita to the hospital where it was put in a cast. 
The other child is not sponsored through us at the moment but his mother is sponsored and in our literacy program.  Her son was hit by a bus.  The bus was overtaking a car and hit the child and then took off.  It was carrying no passengers at the time.  The police caught the driver the next day and the bus company has to pay 60% of the medical costs.  The child is in the hospital with head injuries, a broken arm and leg.  Rita is already suffering financial hardship as her husband went to work in the middle east and while there had a motorcycle accident in which he suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg and so is earning no money and does not have the funds to come home.  So now somehow she has to find 40% of the funds to pay for  her son's medical care.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


 Recent photos from the village of Chimkhola where Mann visited last
month.  A classroom at the village school showing girls studying.
This is the school that the Rotary completely refurbished.
Top left shows a villager digging a hole for the septic for the new latrines
and photo at bottom the villages carrying up benches for the school. 
These benches were carried up the steep trail to the village which is at least a 
seven to eight hour trek over rough terrain. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Many thanks to Sandy Crichton and Erin Anderson at Valley Yoga Centre in Duncan for holding a candlelight restorative yoga class on Monday.  The class was by donation to NEF and raised $360.00.
They made it a very relaxing evening which everyone enjoyed and made us at NEF very happy by raising this amount of money.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

At the Dentist

Nine children in Nakhipot, Kathmandu went to the dentist yesterday and Mann has just sent these photos of the event.  They need lots of fillings and some root canals but thanks to donors they are able to be treated.  this is just the start of the Kathmandu program and hopefully we will be able to treat many more children if we continue to get funds.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

With Thanks

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year from everyone at Nepal Education Fund.  We have enjoyed a very successful year and wish to thank all our sponsors and donors for helping us achieve this.  From the education of our children and women to our new libraries, sewing, and dentistry programs, all this has been made possible by your generosity of spirit and caring.  It is not only the money, which of course is necessary to run this charity and do this work, but also by your messages of thanks and encouragement. 
The Chimkhola village school project is now completed.  This was a joint Rotary and NEF project and has resulted in a much improved school which serves four villages.  They have a library, science lab, new latrines, new desks, tables, office equipment, teaching aids etc.  I hope to have photos on here soon.  We are very grateful to Duncan Daybreak and Duncan Noontime clubs for their great support in this project.
We look forward to the new year and the continuation of our work in Nepal.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Would like to report that our dentristry program is going very well.  Through a large donation we are able to complete the program in Simpani, Pokhara.  When I was there in late October we had the dental camp and were able to treat 40 children and some women.  Now through a donation we are able to finish treating the 25 to 30 children who we could not treat at that time.  Also we have enough money to treat all of our Nakhipot children.  Then we will work on the Kathmandu children.  So thank you to all those who have sent money for dentistry, you have certainly made a difference to these children's health.  Hopefully this program can continue for future years.