Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rescue of a Stray Dog

Today was one of those days when plans go awry and fate decides what happens.  We went into Thamel, the tourist area, to check on accomdation for the Rotary visit.  We walked around one of the back streets and there was this little dog who came up and wagged her tail.  She was a pathetic sight with no hair on her body as she was riddled with sarcopic mange.  I asked some young guys who owned the dog and they said she was a stray.  I was upset at her condition and a young man said "this is Kathmandu" how well I know that.  A taxi was right there and I asked him to take us to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre and he very kindly agreed.  It was a little difficult getting her in the taxi as she was scared but once in she settled on my lap.  Her skin was broken in places and coming off everywhere.  It is a good half hour journey to the north end of the city.  I felt very emotional with her on my lap, such a lovely little dog in such a pitiful condition.  Once there I carried her in and put her in a cage and she settled nicely.  They will treat her and probably keep her for two months.  There is no hair on her body and the red collar indicates that she was spayed by KAT.
Top photo as we found her on the street and bottom one in her cage at KAT.

Back in January I wrote here about a family who were donating their Christmas money to NEF.  The eldest girl, Alexis, wanted her money to go to help animals so I donated the money to KAT for the treatment of this dog.  They asked me to name the dog so I have asked Alexis to do this.  I will return to see the dog next month.  KAT is a wonderful charity that helps the street dogs of Kathmandu and also spays the female strays to cut down on the population of street dogs.  I always visit this centre when here and took a Duncan vet there when he visited two years ago and he enjoyed watching the vets doing surgery on the street dogs.  Somehow children and animals go together as they are both so vulnerable to neglect and both are so forgiving.  Afterward I thought about the taxi driver and how grateful I felt toward him as not many drivers would have allowed a dog in that condition in their cab as she was dropping skin everywhere, I was covered in it.  He said he was going to wash his cab out when he got home.  He also did not charge us too much for the distance he went.  Thanks to him whoever he is. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Child who Needs a Sponsor

Delisha KC and her sisters
Delisha is first in her Kindergarten class.

Today we were at the City Academy School where we have several children and a lady Principal who I have known a long time.  She asked if I could find a sponsor for this little girl.  There are three girls in the family and the mother is under pressure because of not having a son and educating the daughters is not a priority.  The school has been teaching the children free of charge so that they can get an education and asked if I could help out.  I said I maybe could find a sponsor for one.  This is a private school $300 per year sponsorship.  I only had two new private sponsors this year and have to use them for replacements of sponsors that I have lost. 

Monday, February 27, 2012


Today we visited Hattiban and as always it was very enjoyable. It was warm and sunny and the mustard in the fields made it very beautiful.  Fields of yellow next to fields of green aglow in the sun, wonderful to look at.  All the children were waiting for us, only one was missing.  We always meet at Rajendra's house where we had tea and we bought pop and cookies for the children.  I could have sat in the warm sun there all day.  All the children are doing well and I enjoyed seeing them all, most of them have been with us for a few years now.  We bought all the families rice and notebooks for the children.  This from extra money that the sponsors had sent.  Everyone went home happy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Generator for Chimkhola

Duncan Noontime Rotary working in conjunction with NEF have provided a new generator and turbine for the village of Chimkhola.  The club donated $18,000 approx for this project.  Last week the generator made the journey to the village from Kathmandu.  It travelled by truck to the town of Beni and then by tractor over an extremely rough road over the mountain.  They had a lot of snow so the tractor got stuck in the resulting mud and so the generator had to be carried the rest of the way into the village.  The turbine made the same journey this week and also had to be carried by 50 villagers.  It will all be hooked up by the time the Rotarians visit there in a couple of week's time.  There will be a lot of celebrating at that time.  Seven Rotarians are coming including 2 from Duncan Daybreak, 3 from Duncan Noontime and 2 from Merritt, BC.  It will be an exciting time.  The photo is of the generator being carried across the mountain.

Friday, February 24, 2012

First Day Visiting Children

Hira an NEF second year college student.

 Prabu, Parmila, Samjhana Shresta and Samjhana Kharel four of our City Academy students.  Prabu is Pradip's brother and Parmila his sister.  One of our first NEF families sponsored in 2004.

Below Pradip playing his guitar.  I have featured Pradip on this blog many times before as he is one of our greatest success stories.

Below Sunita Shresta, second year college student.
Today we visited some children in Baneshwor, Kathmandu and also the City Academy School where we have five children attending.  We also visited two of our college students.  These were Hira and Sunita, both have been sponsored by NEF for many years.  I was very impressed with both of them.  They are just finishing their second year of college.  We also visited with Pradip who also has been with us since the begining and he is taking his class ten exam next month.  He is now the man of the family as his father is gone and he is the eldest son.  He played a little guitar for us and told us how he loves music.  He is looking forward to going to college this summer.  Sunita told us she would like to go on to get her BA and become a teacher.  She is such a lovely girl who is 20 years old now and is such a determined young woman who comes from a very impoverished background but who has never given up on her dream for an education.  When not at college she works in her family's little tea shop.  I am very impressed with these students and it was a good first day out visiting as these students have been with us for many years and I was so happy to see their successes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arrived in Kathmandu

Well I arrived here last night after a long but good journey.  I had a 13 hour lay over in Hong Kong so took the train into Kowloon and browsed around and spent some time in Kowloon Park which I always love.  It is the most peaceful park I have ever been in.
Everyone here is fine.  I was very lucky at the airport and was through very quickly to meet Mann and Jagat outside.  Today I am taking it easy.  The weather is warm and sunny which is very nice and hopefully will help this persistant cough that I have had for weeks.  Today I am going to organize all the letters from sponsors.  If anyone still would like to write one they can get it to my house before the end of next week and one of the Rotary members who are coming out will bring it.
Tomorrow we are meeting with one of the Pokhara Rotary members to talk about our dental program which is going to be a large one this year with 300 to 500 children being treated thanks to Rotary support.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Return to Nepal

I leave in one week for Nepal arriving there on February 21st.  It will be an exciting time with the Rotary members arriving in early March and the trip with them to Chimkhola.  The Duncan Rotary Club has paid for a new generator and turbine for the village and that has been delivered there this weekend and so will be up and running when the Rotary visit next month.  I know that they will be very excited to see this and the impact that it will have on the village.  While in Pokhara we will also visit the Gunjara village and the village school where NEF has started work on the roof. 
Quite a large sum has been raised by a Rotary member for dentistry and a dental clinic will be held while we are there.  Dag's father was a dentist who recently passed away and so this will be very special for him to be there while the children are being treated.  He will also be able to visit the dental hospital. 
I will, of course, be visiting all the NEF children and women and all the photos will be posted to flickr.   Please check here for all updates on our time in Nepal.