Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dental Camp Photos

Mina and Sujan having their teeth looked at, group of children and group of everyone seen today. Enjoying tea and biscuits and giving out toothbrushes and paste which every child received.

Dental Program in Pokhara

Today we had our new dental program at High Mount School in Simpani. Here they call it a dental camp. It was free of charge. Two dentists looked at 65 children and about 8 women. Each person had a form filled out as to what treatment they need. Now Mann is working out with the dentist the cost for the treatment for each child and woman. First prority goes to our 50 children and then our women and if there is any money over some of the others can be treated. The bulk of this money was raised by a local Duncan Rotarian and also some sponsors paid for their children. I think it is an excellent program. Our oldest student, 75 year old Ganga was seen. Seh needs an extraction but she is scared but I think she will have it done.
Some of our Kathmandu children are going to be seen by a dentist there at their sponsor's request. After everyone was seen we provided tea and biscuits for all and the day was quite an event which everyone enjoyed. The dentist told me that dental treatment has only really been available for 5 or 6 years and there are only 300 to 400 dentists in all of Nepal, 700 to 800 have been trained but half have left the country.
Photos above on next post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

Today we took eleven children to the zoo. They all enjoyed it and were very well behaved. The children that came were: Pinky, Binita, Suman, Sujan, Samjhana, Smitri, Abiseka, Deya, Asmita, Sagar and Ali and Mann's little girl Lesa. We went on the bus and came home in two taxis, with adults that was a total of about 15 in two small taxis. Three children, Deya, Asmita and Sagar were newly sponsored last May and the others have been with us for sometime. I really see such a difference in them, they have just blossomed. Smitri and Samjhana are young ladies now and speak quite good English and even the small children were speaking some English and knew the names of the animals in English. We all enjoyed the outing.

Photos are Deya and her mother, she was too shy to come on her own, Samjhana and Binita top left, kids eating ice cream, Pinky, Smitri and Abiseka and group of children, Lesa and me with some of the children

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photos of First Day

Left Sujan sponsored child who lives next door to us. Above children finding shoes that fit. Above right Chring in a new coat we gave him.

Airport Arrival

Having trouble with loading pictures so more later.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Arrived in Kathmandu

We arrived a couple of days ago. Everything is fine and today my granddaughter Ali meets her mother and family. Yesterday we gave out a lot of shoes to children from the orphanage and saw some sponsored children who had gifts to be given. We met an American, Chris, who we met in India last year, in Hong Kong and brought him along with us and he is staying at the apartment with us till tomorrow. Jagat is then taking him trekking. So hopefully today we are feeling more alive after our journey.
I saw Nani and Mann's mother yesterday and she was very upset and it was an emotional visit. Mann and Sima had made the apartment look so nice for us and it was a wonderful welcome.
Weather hot and sunny.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marathon Completed

The Marathon was on Sunday and I have to say that it was a tough run. The last ten to twelve km were a challenge but I crossed the finish line in just under five hours, 4:57:42. Not a great time but I am not complaining. It was a great race with good crowd support and support from friends and family along the route which meant so much. There was a lot energy on the course and lots of comaradie from fellow runners.

The amount raised is roughly $1956.00, I still have a couple of cheques coming in. I thank everyone who sponsored me and made this possible. My daughter says it is easier than a garage sale but then she did not run the full marathon!! The money will be used for administration money in Nepal and for a library for a poor school of low caste children near Pokhara. Photos of that later. Meanwhile here are the marathon photos. Coming up to the finish line, post marathon exhaustion! and at home with my medal.