Tuesday, June 28, 2011

School Leaving Certificate Results

We had six children take their School Leaving Certificate exam and the results were just out a few days ago.  We have heard from five of the six students and those have all passed.  We are very happy for their success.  These children have been sponsored through NEF for quite a few years and it has paid off for them.  Now they wish to go to college and we have heard that most of the sponsors are willing to send them.  We also have seven students starting their second year of college and four that have completed their two years of college.  This is a great success for NEF and we are very happy with these results.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mann Has Been Sick

Mann, our NEF President in Nepal, had his appendics removed a couple of weeks ago.  He is feeling much better now.  He has to take it easy for awhile but is looking much better.

I have been away for ten days in the US.  Now that I am home I will get the newsletter out as soon as possible.  It has been a busy time with the garage sale and getting photos out to everyone.  Hopefully now I can catch up on some paperwork. 

Everything is fine in Nepal.  One of our students who left school last year has now realized she made a mistake and so her sponsor is paying for her to attend a sewing course so that she will have a trade.  She is too old to go back to school as she felt she was too far behind.  She has been at the sewing school about a month now and has been attending every day.  Hopefully this makes a difference for her and helps her future.