Friday, November 2, 2012

Another Sponsor meets their Family

Today Yvonne, who is from Golden, BC, met the family she sponsors in Simpani, Pokara.  She sponsors the two children, Akriti and Ayush, and also the mother Anju in the literacy program.  It was a wonderful meeting.  Anju was very shy at first but soon warmed up and sat beside Yvonne and showed the family photo album.  She cooked us a delicious meal as well.  Yvonne promised to return in the future and stay a night with Anju and her family.  I am sure they will look forward to that.  Yvonne said that she felt bonded to them by the letters but now that she had met the family she felt even more connected and part of it.  We also showed her the school where they all attend.

Last night we had an enjoyable dinner with Yvonne and John and Len.  John is Carol and Keith's son from Doha, Qatar.  Two days ago they went to Gunjara village school where we replaced the roof earlier this year with a donation from Qatar donors.  They said they very much enjoyed it and it was a great experience.  Len has picked out a child he wishes to sponsor called Bijay.  Bijay lives at a children's home run by Mann's wife Sima.

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Unknown said...

I can't thank you and Mann enough for arranging a visit to meet Anju and her family. I feel like they're part of my family now and really look forward to spending more time with them when I visit Nepal again. It was fantastic to meet you and Mann and it really opened my eyes as to how much work is involved in running such a wonderful charity. I look forward to helping in the future with fundraising and volunteering. Thank you for everything. Yvonne.