Monday, March 4, 2013


Yesterday we went to the village of Hattiban to visit children and we saw 13 out of 17 so will return later to see the rest.  As usual it was sunny and warm and we sat outside with the children while they had pop and cookies and we had tea.  We were able to take a lot of exercise books that were donated from Qatar.  The children were all doing well and I read letters to the children that had them.  One little girl received some large photos of her sponsor's sailing trip to the Carribean and I am sure she had never seen anything like that.  I will put up some photos later as that always takes a long time.

I also visited the Chalnakhel school where the Duncan Rotary recently paid to have railings around the balcony and stairs and completion of classrooms.  The bulk of the work is done but some window grills have to be finished and clen up work.  I will return before I leave to see it completed.

Managed an hour's run at 5:30 am so I hope that means I am back in routine.  It is busy here at that hour and it is an obstacle course of people, bicycles, traffic and dogs and of course the many large pot holes.
Photos later.

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