Friday, March 23, 2012

Kristi and Dental Camp Photos

Newly decorated room donated by NEF.  Just a few children present as an exam was going on.

Newly painted building, NEF provided funds for the paint and improvements here.

This lady was not able to be treated due to low B/P although she badly needed an extraction

Old school building now being demolished for safety reasons after a wall fell down with children in the room.  This is where they hope to build new rooms to accomodate more children so they do not have to walk miles to another school.  This school caters to younger children

Tooth extraction, brave little boy

Children holding up their toothbrushes after being seen by the dentist


de engineur said...

Good to learn about things around the world through blogs such as yours.

I hope you can put a "Follower" widget on the sidebar of your blog so that readers can follow you.

Greetings from Malaysia.

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