Friday, March 16, 2012

Chimkhola Village

I am atempting to write this for the third time tonight.  For some reason it just will not publish.  The electric is on now so hopefully that helps.

The time in Chimkhola is special as it always is.  I stayed at Mann's Grandfather's house which is at the top of the village.  Sitting on the floor by the fire and seeing all the visitors that come and go, friends and neighbours it seems to be a steady stream.  I particularly enjoy the buffalo mild that many bring for me. 
Grandfather is the oldest member of the village at 90 years.  He sits by the fire and when it is bedtime he justs tips over and lays down on his straw mat.  The first night we arrived there was a big celebration and he came down and watched the dancing and to see all the visitors.  Getting back up to the top took a lot of effort on his part and helpers.  Bindu runs the home where I stay and she is a delight. 
The next day there was the generator opening and then the ceremony for the closing of the project.  We cut the ribbon and unveiled the sign.  The band led the way and then there were many speeches.  The plate dance was performed which always amazes me as the ladies perform many moves and never drop a plate.  Quite a skill.  We also toured the school and I gave all the medical supplies that I had brought to Lalmaya explaining them all with the help of Margaret, from Merritt, who is a nurse. The next day we hiked to Gauda Muni School which has been renovated in memory of Mann's brother Nani.  More on that tomorrow as this might not publish so must do it in two halves.

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