Monday, October 8, 2007

Good work in Pokhara

Yesterday we went and visited the two schools where we have students in Pokhara. We took a football, volleyball and net to the government school and visited with the Principal at the private school. We took a man we met in the mountains with us. He is from New Zealand. He toured the school with us and visited families. He sponsored a little girl named Mankumari who followed him around everywhere holding his hand. This is our first sponsor from New Zealand, in fact from the Southern Hemisphere. With a donation from a beauty salon in Ontario we were able to help ManKumari's family with some rent and food. The father has left this mother with four little girls to care for and she has very little income from spinning wool.
I took some photos of another four children who the school brought to us as they are very poor. All our children here, 19 in all, were doing well.
Back in Kathmandu now after a long hot bus ride. Now my days will be full finishing up all I have to do before we leave.
The Tamang's house roof is finished and I am told that it looks really good and I am looking forward to seeing it this week.
We also have our first student in college. Her name is Nauhhen and she did extremely well in her school leaving exam and received a 92 in science. We are really proud of her. With our help she improved so much in the last two years and is now hoping to go into nursing.
Tomorrow I will try and put some photos up here. It can be slow and difficult. I want to share with you some of what I see.

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Dave Petersen said...

Thanks Susan for helping me to sponsor Mankumari
Being able to meet her and see how she lives was of great assistance to me
Please keep up the good work
Thanks again and safe journeys
Dave from New Zealand