Tuesday, November 26, 2013


What started out as a warm and memorable welcome to Chalnakhel Hattiban School by the students yesterday ended up on a sad note when we saw that the class one students had no desks and had to work on the cold cement floor.  We are hoping that there is someone or a group of people who would like to make a real difference in 19 children's lives by donating the funds to buy six desks, each desk holds four children.  Cheaper wooden desks cost $37 each for a total of $222.00 or better iron and wood desks are $76 each for a total of $456.  The more expensive desks, of course, last longer.
Either one is going to make a difference in their school lives, not only for these children but also those that follow on.  Photos of the classroom and Ridhika an NEF sponsored child in the class.

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my december said...

Hi Susan, just wondering if any desks were donated and what happened at this school?