Monday, April 11, 2011

A Successful Mission

Relecting on these past weeks in Nepal I realize how many successes we have had, a few failures and mistakes made along the way from which we have learned.  90% of our children do well and are happy to be able to attend school and look forward to going onto college. 
Our sewing program we have had to make some changes to with a new teacher and a bigger shop and hopefully this will blossom.  We did train about 25 women this last year but we need to move to a bigger shop as the one we had was tiny. 
We have a new staff member in Pokhara and his name is Nar.  He will monitor the sewing program and see to any problems when Mann is not there.  Mann and Nar have been friends for many years so this will be a good combination.
This morning I ran in Kowloon Park and went to the rose garden.  Two months ago when I was last there only a few roses were out but today it was in full flush, roses of every hue and colour and the fragrance was wonderful.  It compared to NEF as in the last two months we achieved so much, every day a new challenge and a mission accomplished and in end so much success just like the rose garden we are in full flush.  Now we have the challenge of raising the funds necessary to keep NEF alive, we have our dedicated staff who must be paid and our office rent etc to be paid.  Every year our charity has to have an audit and be renewed in Nepal which costs money.  I have worked hard every day along with Mann and Jagat but the fundraising is difficult for me as one person.  I need your help.  The gift of helping someone less fortunate then oneself and giving them hope is the greatest gift that you can give yourself as it fills the soul and gives satisfaction like nothing else.  I can garantee that as I experience it everyday.  These are difficult times for everyone but for the poor it is especially bad, they already have a hard time just to survive and give food to their children.  They do not have to worry about puttung petrol in the tank of their new car they have to worry about putting food in the stomachs of their children.
I have never asked for money before but now I have to.  We appreciate any donation. Larger donations can be tax deductible.  Cheques made out to NEF or money orders can be sent to 6718 Beaumont Ave. Duncan, BC, Canada V9L 5X8.
Thank to everyone who supports us.  We have a great little charity that is doing so much for so many please let it continue.
Photos later.

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