Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hattiban School

I received these photos yesterday of the Hattiban school. As you will remember we had these tables, benches and cupboards made in the spring and have since had the walls painted. I am showing the before and after pictures and I am sure you will agree that it is a huge improvement for the children. These are the two classrooms of the youngest children, nursery and kindergarten. Hopefully we will be able to improve some more classrooms later.

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Season said...

Dear Marshall,

I find your blog while searching about improvement of Education.
Personally, and as the leader of “Marganirdesh for Aim” I apperaciate your contribution in Nepal Education.

This we are working in the field of Nepali education also comparing with foreign education. In fact we are publishing a book.

After we finishes the publishing of our book we will help in children education and help for the improvement of education for girls in village area.

I am so much hopeful that as the voyager of same road we can work together.

Season Sapkota
Publisher/ Creative Director
Marganirdesh for aim
The grand year book